Refurbished C-Arms

Refurbished C-Arms

Equipped MD is a leading provider of Refurbished Surgical C-Arms. Our staff is comprised of individuals with 20+ years working with c-arm systems and our service engineers are factory trained. This base of knowledge allows us to not only make sure you are positioned with a c-arm that is the perfect fit for your individual needs but guarantees a high performing system that will last you years, all at a value unmatched by others.

Equipped MD starts by only selecting the best systems based on use & condition, and then completes an extensive refurbishing process designed for premium quality control. Parts replacements such as monitors, batteries (board level and main packs), brakes, and software updates are standard. Each machine then goes through an in-depth component inspection process, and any item that fails quality control standards is replaced.

We then back up our products with a comprehensive warranty that comes in a variety of lengths to best meet your budget.

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